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Access Control System

With high resolution optical system & latest biometric technology, Futronic Fin'Lock FS22/FS21M Fingerprint Access Control System provides enterprises a secured but convenient access and attendance control solution. It supports MiFare card(a contactless smart card technology developed by Philips) so that any combination of fingerprint, MiFare card and PIN can be used for access and attendance control. If necessary, fingerprint can also be stored in MiFare card to eliminate any possible privacy issue.


With high resolution optical system & latest biometric technology, Futronic Fin'Lock FS20 Fingerprint Access Control System provides enterprises a secured but convenient access and attendance control solution at lower cost. It is very similar to FS21M but with less function. Please check FS20 and FS21M feature comparison for details.


PEL-eLock™ gives you an independent and affordable access solution for your business.  The system allows the gate keeper to program access permission to standard proximity (RFID) cards at the site.  It does not require the use of a computer for this process.  Adding and deleting people can be done instantly.  You can integrate PEL-eLock™ to our existing network or use this independently.  


 The SK-ACP Advanced Control Panel is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use, two door access control unit. The unit accepts readers that have a Wiegand output with almost any card technology, including Proximity, Touch Card, Wiegand, Magnetic Stripe, Bar Code, Optical, and Biometric. Each of the two doors controlled by the unit is completely independent of the other and is configured, programmed and viewed separately. Each has a separate node address.

Integration of both fingerpriint and an optional of RFID card technology in one, INF-iS500 series acts as a two in one combined identity verifier. INF-iS500 series not only can be used as a time and attendance management tool but also an intelligent Access Controller, suitable for every office and factories.
INF-iS500 series is made user-friendly, reliable and flexible, with the enhancement of the security level you required, a built-in port with alarm system which allows teh alarm to activate in case of any illegal dismantles of the readers or any forcible entry to the premises.
Experience the new generation of the Fingerprint Door Access & Time Attendance System, INF-iS510 series incorporating biometrics feature and RFID card system as verification options, the new INF-iS510 series is stylishly crafted to fulfill the rising market demand for ultra modern clocking system.  INF-iS510 series also supports USB Flash Disk, an important and convenient feature for data transfer in case of connection breakdown.  
With the presentation of the standards for alarm system, signal from INF-iS510 series will be activated in an event of break in, unwanted intruders and illegal dismantle of the readers.  INF-iS510 series is made user-friendly, reliable and flexible, ensuring high security level as you required.

Experience the simplicity for RFID technology in door access with INF-S30 series Door Access Control system.  INF-S30 series is pickproof as it has no keyholes, together with the built-in alarm system, INF-S30 series will automatically activate if door is forcefully entered or with illegal dismantle of the reader.
INF-S30 series allows a maximum data storage up to 30,000 individuals, each individual’s data were stored in the each card where access will not be acquired without presentation of the card.  INF-S30 series is made user-friendly and reliable that offers the protection you required.


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