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One card solution
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One card solution
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Today in Vietnam, the development and the needs for modernization living space likecondominium, luxury apartment are increasing. Applying modern technology into each project is no longer strange to us.
Applying mordern and new technology from the U.S. and Germany, VT Tech vn brings to developer and residents of the development a “One card solution”.  “One card solution” is a solution that support the upmost management for the smart home and luxury appartment. It helps the management of the appartment in secure and increase the level of safety and convinience.  In mordernize countries, “one card solution” is being apply widely to luxury and up-scale appartments.

The management of the apartment or resident of the uint be in charge of the secure information, stored information into the data server to manage and synchronized the information with the card
With the card that has been programed by the unit owner and member of the family, car and motor bike parking by the individual will not be a complicated issue but an secure way to park.

When the permitted information is stored in the card, accessing will be come a convinience thing from the accessing control system, mailbox, elevevator control system and the main door to the appartment unit will be verify on each card.  All accessing will be come simple, the elevator will automatically bring member/s of the family to the floor they live, or open the main door of the apartment unit ....all with just a swipping the card through the card reader.

Simple and flexible, the apartment unit owner will not have to concern about time and accessing permit of each individual card because accessing right will be stored by the unit owner wish.  Private area like wine and liquire room/storage area can only be access by the parent/s or adult card or the entertaning room can only be access by children in the family from 7p to 9pm, preset by the parent/s or when they are at home.

Guest come to visit can contact the residential complex management office, they then contact the apartment unit owner or the resident of the complex can provide guest information to the management office ahead then they will recived a guest card provided by the management office when arrived.  And with a simple swipping of the card, the guest can easily and quickly arrived at the apartment uint without time consuming to locate the apartment unit.

A benefit of the solution over the convention mechanical key system is convenience to manage the keys to the utilities closets in the building.  With just a single key card, the building management team can access to any utility door or partition access right base on building block, floor level and/or specific group right such as electric/phone/water meters etc...  Access to utilities closets are now much more convenience, timely and secure through LAN networking and management software.  In case the key card is lost or stolen, building management can handle the situation securely and quickly by just delete the access right of the lost/stolen key card and reissue a new key-card in the system management.
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