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One card solution
One card solution
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One card solution
One card solution for hotel/resort
“One Card Solution” is an ultimate solution for hotel/ resorts services management and marketing tools. This is a complete solution that provides the needed services for their customers. It, also, provides professional services for hotel/ resorts management and elevates brand recognition for the investor. It brings the capability of customer’s retention and come back in the next time around.
VT Tech vn brings the distinguished “One Card Solution” to the investor, a real accomplishment result for the service and management of the hotel/ resorts.

The contact-less smart card brings the impression of modern and convenience images. The actual picture of the hotel/resorts or other related artwork will be imprinted on the card in place of the normal mechanical key.

Customer’s information will be stored right inside the card internal memory and main database of the hotel/resort management.

The attractiveness of the “One Card Solution” is the uniqueness of the imprinted hotel/resorts on the card with its own image and to the application of professional services because of the capability of storing the secured data onto the smart chip inside the card.
Gaining access to the elevator, doors, and other accessing services, these all can be authorized by the management to each individual guest card.

The distinguished difference of the card applications can be visualized through the small details of the information that stored on the card with the expanded services likes controlling the main power switch, lighting system, temperature and other services inside the guest room.

Each individual guest can feel the conveniences and up most professional services just through a single card.
Just a simple action of waving the card over the reader, hotel guest can use and pay for all of the services provided by the hotel/resorts; likes gaming and entertainment, dining at restaurant, massage parlor, spa, etc...

With the distinction of the complete “One Card Solution”, hotel/resorts’s guest can feel the impression of the professional and modern services. After the check-out process, the guest can keep the card as a gift from the hotel/resort.  The card will be with the hotel guest inside their wallet and travel everywhere with them. They can introduce the hotel/resorts to friends, family and colleagues with the card.

The effectiveness and convenience of the “one card solution” will bring the satisfaction to the guests. It would help the guest to decide to come back to the same hotel/resort for the next time around. With the same card, guest will benefit with all the promotions, special customer care services which all are based on the stored information of the card...this will bring the welcome surprise to the guest.

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