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We can provide two kinds of system modes for different applications, square type and access type. It is suitable for applications with high openness, large number of bollards and high requirements on the rise/fall speed. They are installed assembly. They use a PCC (PCC=Programmable Control Cabinet) to control. Especially in the square applications, one PCC can control maximum 20 bollards. And it save the user’s cost.

*Electronic control, rise/fall automatically
*Use air as power, environmental
*No strong current construction, high security
*Unified control, assembled power and control units, easy maintenance
*High responding speed, support direction changes during running
*Provide better cost-effective assemble

Access mode:
In access mode, each PCC can control 1-3 pneumatic-automatic bollards. Bi-directions control valve, strong power, quick rise/fall, support direction changes during running and no circuit construction (despite of LED demand).
It can have 3 times of operation in power off condition, convenient for some emergent occasions.

Square mode:
In square mode, each PCC can control 20 bollards. Distance can arrive to 50m, can be controlled by one or several units. You can debug every bollard in the whole system to keep the consistency.
Power off mode can be set as NO and NC mode to secure the safety.

*Operation unit:pneumatic
*Material:corrosion-treated 304 stainless steel.
*Weight:74KG (168mm)
*Diameter:168mm or 220mmm or 275mm
*Surface treatment:polishing or spraying
*The length of above ground part :600mm
*The depth of under ground part:900mm
*The up and down time:3~5 seconds(adjustable)
*Reflective tape:2*3cm height around the bollard
*Working noise:<60db
*Length of lines and pipelines:10m
*Protection level:IP67
*Working voltage :AC220V
*Working current:<1.5A
*Working Temperature:-5C~70C

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